The Bully Proof Tour is a cause related pop music series developed to engage and educate students about the global bullying epidemic and other social issues affecting today’s schools. Our belief is that music is the most immediate and influential force to bring positive change to diverse communities and social issues. 

The Bully Proof Tour begins its Spring 2017 launch next week visiting middle schools and high schools in the greater Los Angeles area culminating with a kickoff concert at the World Famous Roxy on April 9.

Since inception in 2013, the sponsor funded Bully Proof Tour has informed and entertained over 300 schools across the country creating a healthy dialog to hundreds of thousands of students. The tour is consistently supported across local TV, radio, news media outlets and social media platforms.


On tour, relevant recording artists exchange relatable experiences about overcoming bullying with an aim to positively shift school culture. The tour’s message emphasizes acceptance of individuality, promotes self worth while challenging students to stand proud. “With the state of funding at publics schools, all Bully Proof Tour engagements remain free of charge in order to impact as many students as possible,” states tour founder Jonnie Forster.


The Spring Tour begins in Los Angeles March 27 and will travel to new cities each week for the remainder of the Spring semester. Additional cities on this leg include San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, and San Diego. A back to school tour is also planned in Fall to reach other cities across the nation. After a weeklong of assemblies, the Bully Proof Tour culminates with a fully produced weekend concert that brings the community closer together.


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